Month: November 2018

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The dramatic dedication superstar Christian Bale puts in his roles!

Christian Bale SuperStarPix celebrity fact

Bale incredibly lost 60lbs for the movie The Machinist, he then again gained 80lbs for Batman Begins in only 5 months!

This might be an unhealthy way to present the self in the silver screen, but we recognize Bale’s incredible dedication (quite dangerous) – But his films like Batman Begins and Reign of Fire is enough for him to be recognized as a SUPERSTAR!

Imagine if we get a chance for Bale to use our SuperStarPix photo booth? It will be amazing! For more superstarpix celebrity news, follow our instagram here!

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Happy Holidays 2018! | A short and sweet greeting!

It is joyful that SuperStarPix is open for the holidays. Sooner than later, everyone will be over their Thanksgiving turkey break but close to more holiday events! December will be the busiest.


Parties, weddings, Santa photos- December 2018 sounds like it is going to be a blast!

It is also a great time to reserve a SuperStarPix photo booth in San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica and Los Angeles!

We love seeing photo albums and having the opportunity to spread more smiles.

Who will have the ugly holiday sweaters, company parties, pot locks and festive weddings? December 2018 is the time!

We stand ready and we are here to serve and provide an affordable photo booth rental service! Logo

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We have our flag on San Fernando Valley!

We have our sights to serve San Fernando Valley and the surrounding areas for late 2018 and the year of 2019! The future of photo booths is now and it is bright!


SuperStarPix is excited to announce that beginning in January, we will be offering our photo booth rental premier package.


Additionally, we will be offering our full service including GIF enabled photo features and customizable photo templates. SuperStarPix will be providing rentals to….


  • Woodland Hills

  • Reseda

  • Sherman Oaks

  • Calabasas

  • Porter Ranch

  • Van Nuys

  • Winnetka

  • Granada Hills

  • West Hills

  • And other areas in the San Fernando Valley


We will begin taking reservations on December 1st, 2018 (first) for events taking place in the coming months (2019). SuperStarPix is a non-franchise photo booth business, we always try to do our best to prioritize quality over quantity! Practical, simple, affordable and serviceable- SuperStarPix is here to serve! Read more about our terms and services here


A more detailed map of the San Fernando Valley and L.A. area can be found here


#Woodland Hills #Reseda #Sherman Oaks #Calabasas #Porter Ranch #Van Nuys #Winnetka #Granada Hills #West Hills

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Photobooths for your wedding!?

People nowadays love to take photos that’s why photo booths at weddings are important!

It can give entertainment and fun to guests aside from the food, music, and the people surrounding them.

What makes a wedding photo booth unique is the creative props!

Props like…
  • Stick props
  • Colorful wigs
  • Masks
  • Boas
  • Instagram props
  • Crowns
  • Hats
  • Glasses
  • Picture frames
  • Printed boards

Photobooths are not only for adults but for all ages. That’s why it’s in demand now in other events as well!

wedding image, not made by SuperStarPix, however, it is for a blog post

We invite our guests to design their own photo booth for their upcoming party! Just visit this link here

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Photo booths, why are they important…?

It’s always nice to obtain a physical copy of a photo in 1 minute!


Guests will even have more fun of their pictures since they can also use props! A photo booth also entertains your guests, they will cherish the memories!


Guests are encouraged to be silly and foolish, they will really “let go” with your friends, family or colleagues.


A great party should end with some awesome pictures to remember. Photo booth, photo booth, photo booth. Hooray!


Here’s a puppy picture for your trouble 🙂