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This logo measures 613 x 623, a SuperStarPix photo booth rental company logo

An OldSchoolCool photobooth in the early 90s

There was a time were closed-photobooths were the only affordable way to get photos with loved ones


reddit picture of a 90s photobooth family from superstarpix photo booth blog


Compared to the new ones, some photo booths just do not make great pictures. 




Open-air photo booths mostly use dye-sublimation printers, but what most forget is the art and styling of the photo booth set-up.




Photo booth operators today just want a quick pix photo booth but they’re not putting awareness into the basics of photography (and even model standards).



Operators forget about lighting, proper poses, distance, and frame.



There are numerous arbitrary instances, and they all have to blend to produce a great photo but this will have to be repeated 100 to 200 and more times!



There is still an awesome touch of oldschool photo booths, but are they better than today’s photo booths? See more from the original post here



colored logo of SuperStarPix

Photo Booth Rental in San Fernando Valley

Our photo booth always uses top of the line equipment and provides high-quality prints! SuperStarPix Photo Booth is the top choice for Photo Booth Rental in San Fernando Valley!


With custom designed photo strips, your guests will go home with unforgettable pictures and happy memories!


Photo Booth SuperStarPix San Fernando Valley

Custom design basically means that we hand-craft our photo print templates to fit your event or party’s theme. 


SuperStarPix is the Premiere Photo Booth of Greater Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley!


Our photo booth use includes:


  • On Site Attendant 
  • Choice Of Back Drop
  • Customized Print Template
  • 2 X 4 or 4 X 6 Photo Prints and a panorama “big” photo template print! (special add-on)
  • All Images to be sent online with optional USB
  • Unlimited Photo Booth Use and more!


Let us know if you have any questions!


milo picture

2 Reasons why SuperStarPix is an Affordable Photo Booth Hire

Dear visitor! And hopefully potential friend!


We present to you, our video with nice Caribbean music!



So that should be a good enough reason for number 1!


The other reason…


Well, it’s actually two reasons:


  1. If you stumbled upon our website, then you must be within our reach! We actually cover all of the San Fernando Valley cities such as Sherman Oaks (yes, including Sherman Oaks Galleria as a venue) Woodland Hills, Tarzana and more!
  2. Our vintage-style hand-crafted photo booth is optimized to bring the best quality and being local also saves us the logistics! Of course, we can also resort to the ultra sleek style open air photo booth and that is also a choice!


So there you have it! 2 (actually 3 things) that makes SuperStarPix Photo Booth


The affordable photo booth hire in San Fernando Valley! 


Dear SEO demigods, come and bless our site! (don’t tell anyone I said this) have a great day friend!

this shows the word bubble add-on graphic, how it looks like

3 Quick Facts of a Good Photo Booth

Before you give your event a memorable and fun twist from a party photo booth hire, consider these 3 quick facts about any good photo booth service!

1 – At least one or two five star reviews or great referrals

A good portfolio is an even better catch!

2 – A local or a photo booth service near you can work better

Sometimes, a “kiss” (keeping it simple and stupid) mentality on party logistics can work wonders and even save you some time and money!

3 – Their package structure is organized and easy to understand

We try to keep it simple here, and if you have a question, view our page about pricing and comparison.

Most times, smaller photo booth services will have a lot of upfront costs, these come from early expenditures before an event.

Things like travel, gas, backdrop preparation, print material, equipment upkeep (and more) is a lot to manage, but more about this in another post.

The whole event planning and services business is a whole new beast, and photo booth rentals are just one of the little things that can make and definitely complete an event!