3 Things NOT to do when throwing your party!

3 things NOT to do when throwing a party!



1. Make sure there are enough seats for EVERYONE!

It’s great to have the flare of SuperStarPix’s photo booth entertain your guests and they’ll surely remember the fun and silly photographs they’ve made, but for most people- Standing hours long during a party can be quite tiring.

Avoid doing this by making sure the guests have places to SIT! And not just places, chairs! You don’t know how many times I’ve seen guests just stand and look all awkward because most of the party goers are sitting.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s often appreciated when the guests can sit!



2. Be the WELL-DRESS host/hostess!

It will make everyone feel a little bit more comfortable when the person who is throwing the party is RELAXED! Side note, when it comes to our SuperStarPix photo booth rental service, we like to do our best when it comes to the guest accommodation.

We try our hardest to impress your guest and have them feel super entertained, but this can’t happen if the host/hostess is all over the place!

Time to get the worry out of your head, one key thing to know… It’s a lot more fun to be around someone who rolls with it if something goes wrong than someone who is worried about pulling the perfect party!



3. Make sure- MAKE SURE! There are enough trash cans and recycling bins for cans and bottles!

The bathrooms should also be fairly stocked with toilet paper and soap, make sure the bathroom trashbin(s) are in service and have spare TP in the bathroom so a guest can change the roll if needed!

Nothing says well-prepped when you can make your place spotless clean just an hour or so after the party!

It helps when your trashbins and trashcans are maintained. When it comes to something SuperStarPix photo booth rental related- We make sure our system can be fully deployed and disable to avoid the hassle of time inefficiency.

We want to make your time worth it!


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Thanks for reading this, more tips to come!


by Mr. Pixster

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