An OldSchoolCool photobooth in the early 90s

There was a time were closed-photobooths were the only affordable way to get photos with loved ones


reddit picture of a 90s photobooth family from superstarpix photo booth blog


Compared to the new ones, some photo booths just do not make great pictures. 




Open-air photo booths mostly use dye-sublimation printers, but what most forget is the art and styling of the photo booth set-up.




Photo booth operators today just want a quick pix photo booth but they’re not putting awareness into the basics of photography (and even model standards).



Operators forget about lighting, proper poses, distance, and frame.



There are numerous arbitrary instances, and they all have to blend to produce a great photo but this will have to be repeated 100 to 200 and more times!



There is still an awesome touch of oldschool photo booths, but are they better than today’s photo booths? See more from the original post here