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Excite your event with a SuperStar photobooth!

Save time and ease the stress of prepping for your event especially in 2019.

Find practicality & affordability using our open-air photo booth. Our open-air photobooth gives guests the ability to take photos during gatherings and local events. 

Photobooths can be situated at parties, weddings, movie venues and similar events (click for covered types)We offer a variety of photo-taking options, including back drops, props, digital & physical prints with an addition for guests to have social media sharing capabilities. 

SuperStarPix is dedicated to making your guests happy.

The photos can be printed once they’ve been taken. We require a space 10' x 10' & power for the photobooth within 15 feet of our designated area. Below are Faqs/Frequently asked questions & answers


Frequently asked Questions

How much does the premiere package cost?

We require a minimum booking of two hours. This is $250.00, an additional hour will cost $100.00.

If you are to book for 2 hours, it will cost $250.00- For 4 hours, it will cost $450.00.

What is Photobooth rental about...?

Our Open Air photo booth is the perfect addition to your event. You must have an area that has:

• A minimum of 10’ x 10’ area for our open-air photobooth.

• Power for the photobooth (110V, 10 amps, 3 prongs standard electrical outlet within 15 feet of our designated area).

• We use a different system than other photo booths, for example, we use a Nikon D7200. Most photo booth services use an entry-level Canon DSLR.

We also ask you to choose from a variety of backdrops, our open-air photobooth can not only fit couples but also groups!

Where are your pictures, can I get pictures from your events?

We are always available to send you event photos we have served (including event photography), contact us at [email protected]

What else is included with your premium package?

• A friendly photobooth host that will assemble, disassemble and tend to the photo booth equipment. The host will assist guests for the duration of the session

• A backdrop color of your choice and props for guests to choose and include for their photo booth session!

• 4x6 laminated photo prints additional choices are available upon request view our add-ons by following this link

• High-end DSLR with the booth (Nikon D7200)

• Two hours of unlimited photo session  (priced at $250.00, an additional hour costs $100.00)

• Free digital photo collection to share online across social media: Instagram, Facebook and more!

How big of a space would you need for the photobooth?

• Clear pathway of at least 36’’ wide through gates and doors

• A minimum of 10’ x 10’ area for our photobooth.

What if I want the booth to have idle time during the event?

Idle time is available, please contact us for more information

Post editing high definition photos

After the event, we send our client(s) the best photos of the participants. Our post-editing may take days or weeks but the select photos we send are personally touched up with the best enhancements we can do for our clients to use and share.

After party/after event print requests

We are able to print select photos upon request, please contact us about the specifics.

To what extent will I be able to customize or design your booth?

Clients are encouraged to pick numerously themed backdrops. Clients will also be able to request the photo print template design. Custom graphics are available by request. To view customization choices, please follow this link.

Do you need power or an outlet for the photobooth to operate?

Yes, and we require a 110V, 10 amps, 3 pronged standard electrical outlet(s) within 15-20 feet of our designated area).

What if I want to extend the time of the photobooth session beyond what I had originally requested?

We welcome hour extensions, if it is during the event, we kindly ask for you to let us know. We are able to stay longer for $100.00 each additional hour.

About corporate event specialization

We would also love to include our services for corporate events! When customizing an event, we can include your company's logo and add perks like themed props, cartoon print-outs, and guest questionnaires! For more information about Corporate events, please contact us.

Do I need to know how to use the photo booth?

Our photobooth host is dedicated to assisting guests on how to operate the booth ensuring that they have a fun and easy way of getting their pictures.

What does the Photobooth host do?

SuperStarPix's photobooth host(s) are trained to promote the most fun experience for your guests. The host will be dressed to comply with the event type.

Can my kids operate the Photobooth?

We ask a parent or legal guardian to accompany children when taking photobooth photos.

How long does it take for the pictures to print?

The pictures print out as soon as each photo session is finished. Pictures print out by around 10-20 seconds!

Can I use my own design or logo for my company, or have you design the prints?

We can design the prints and also include your company's design (logo for example). Customized logo design from scratch is an add-on. View more than 50+ selection by clicking here.

What events do we cover?

  • Weddings
  • Family Reunions
  • Banquets
  • Corporate Functions
  • Graduation & Prom
  • Sweet 16 Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Marketing
  • Highschool event
  • Housewarming party and more!

For a more specified list of the type of events we cover, please click here

What is exactly is designing a photo booth? How can we apply our party's theme?

We highly encourage our clients to put in a bit of their own flair to both the backdrop and photo print template. SuperStarPix is an entertainment party service and it's important for your guests to have fun while experiencing the event theme's consistency. We achieve this by communicating with the client by email, text or phone/call. Days before the last week of your event (the client's) we often strive to complete the best design possible.

How many backdrop choices does SuperStarPix have?

You can find more information at our "design photo look page" here. If you cannot find a backdrop that you like, we can order from our supplier or try to seek the backdrop with the best similarity from what you have suggested. Custom back drops with 3D letterings and design is also a possibility and this is discussed during our design process with you (the client).

How long of an advance do I need to reserve the booth?

We kindly advice signing up for reservations of at least one month (30 days) in advance. However, you may also call us anytime to check for availability as we will find a way to best accommodate your needs. Three to Two weeks (14-7 days) is also worth calling us for.

What are the types of payment do you accept?


paypal, visa, mastercard and american express
Paypal | Visa | MasterCard | American Expreses


For payments in terms of cash and checks?

We also can accept checks or cash, for further info., please refer to our quote form that is found here

What is your privacy policy?

You can view our privacy policy by following this link here

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a deposit. In the event of cancellation, the retainer paid is non-refundable. No date is reserved until a posit is received. The deposit shall be applied towards the total cost of the service to be rendered.

Thank you for visiting!

We look forward to hosting our photobooth for your next event! Be it a concert, party, wedding, corporate event and more!


Anthony really made it easy and simple. Now our family members and friends have silly and funny photos to remember our baby shower!

~ Edwin Barbosa

Great service, simple and attentive. Our guests had tons of fun, will definitely book again!

~ Emily C.

If you need professionalism and hospitality with great quality for service, call SuperStarPix!

~ Robby M.