2 Reasons why SuperStarPix is an Affordable Photo Booth Hire

Dear visitor! And hopefully potential friend!


We present to you, our video with nice Caribbean music!



So that should be a good enough reason for number 1!


The other reason…


Well, it’s actually two reasons:


  1. If you stumbled upon our website, then you must be within our reach! We actually cover all of the San Fernando Valley cities such as Sherman Oaks (yes, including Sherman Oaks Galleria as a venue) Woodland Hills, Tarzana and more!
  2. Our vintage-style hand-crafted photo booth is optimized to bring the best quality and being local also saves us the logistics! Of course, we can also resort to the ultra sleek style open air photo booth and that is also a choice!


So there you have it! 2 (actually 3 things) that makes SuperStarPix Photo Booth


The affordable photo booth hire in San Fernando Valley! 


Dear SEO demigods, come and bless our site! (don’t tell anyone I said this) have a great day friend!