Danny Trejo – A SuperStar!

Who is Danny Trejo? How is he a SuperStar


We tried contacting Danny for a photo booth pix- Unfortunately, Dan is a very busy man! Danny Trejo has a very interesting history, Danny Trejo was addicted to heroin by age 12 and served time in San Quentin prison until he was 25. But today he’s been over 70 films and has a brand of restaurants, bars, and donuts shops valued around $100 million. All his businesses hire what he calls “second chancers”…


Just like he was. Amazing enough, Danny today is in his mid 70s but he still looks like he could beat the superstar out of people! We wrote a quick brief on who Danny Trejo is because he is considered LA’s Superstar! We will come and check if he is available for a quick superstarpix on one of our photo booths. Stay tuned!


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