Game of Booths!

Everyone and their grandmother probably have (or might be thinking about) making a photobooth business.

What makes one different from the other?

Most, if not all, use a low-quality camera.

The booths that most mainstream or “big” photo booth companies come from…

Are from direct suppliers

Game of Booths - A quick tip about the behind the scenes of the booth business

One of the big makers of booths can be found all across the states

There are numerous companies in Southern California (Los Angeles) and Texas

The booths sell from $4,000.00 to $14,000.00 plus!

Why do they sell it for this much?

The sleek and modern design of the booths are quite “sight” friendly

They are often draped with matte white-paint evoking a sort of Apple iPod look

And the materials that are used to make them are pretty pricey as well

However, the big difference: Is the photo quality

Most photo booth services will almost certainly use either a low (photo booth company) made “web” camera

Or the typical…

A Canon Rebel or a Canon 60D

Pros: They look sleek, and modern

Cons: Most will use continuous light, the companies servicing photography may not even use “flash”

Which means lower photo quality

There are also companies using an iPad (or iPad 2). The iPad photobooth method is transportation friendly…

And quite cost-effective but they’re quite the same when it comes to a higher defined photo

When it comes to clients, better photos are also as important than how the booth looks!

We try our best to provide our clients, the highest degree of service and photo quality, view our photos at our webpage:

Compare the images to other local or nearby photo booths in San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles

Clients will often see a set-up that is quite similar to a real photoshoot. If we can bring additional lighting to capture the best photos, then we must!

Our ingredient to the SuperStarPix photo booth system is unique.

Our booths do stand-out, and clients are often delighted to experience the bigger screens, better set-up, and a more organic service