8 bugged questions about Photo Booth & more, what makes SuperStarPix different?

Hundreds of photo booth services– Why choose us?


  • Attentive service – Our photographers will be with you to ensure your guests get the best photos!

  • Skilled photographers – With state of the art equipment, our booths are operated by knowledgeable hosts ensuring top of the line photographs

  • Local – We have served numerous events strictly in LA and Greater LA, this allows us to focus more on our service during the event

How does it work?


  • We come to the event and our photographer/booth host sets-up the live photobooth in a 10 x 10 area, we require at least 1 hour of set-up time

  • Have friends, family and visitors take fun photos

  • Choose a wide variety of prop materials on top of a great selection of background design

  • Instantly receive photo prints after! Or have it sent to your phones to post on social media

  • Create long-lasting memorable moments, have guests entertained and most of all, have fun!


Frequently asked questions


  1. Can you use the photos for commercial use after the event?

    Yes, you can also use our photos for your social media

  2. What are the start and end times of the event?

    Start and end times are discussed upon purchase

  3. Are you requiring a deposit up front?

    We require a minimum deposit upfront

  4. What forms of payment are you set up for?

    Through secured Credit or Check

  5. What happens if a guest of ours does damage to your booth?

    We are insured, terms of damage and conditions are discussed before contract finalization

  6. If the booth needs photo adjustments or the printer paper needs to be changed during the event time, is this written in your contract to allow for downtime?

    Set-up and maintenance is part of the service but we assure you, we do our best to keep our systems efficient

  7. Is there a late fee policy if we do not pay before the event?

    Yes, we dedicate every event in our calendar and it is a loss of time and money for both the business and other clients

  8. What happens when unforeseen events happen before the actual (party) or event?

    We have the right to cancel when it comes to emergencies, the refund will be applied to the client when it comes to a cancellation of service

For a more detailed Question and Answers – Visit our page here


Props, one of the many additions acquiring SuperStarPix Photo Booth for your upcoming party or event!

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